Operation: Tap is an online forum for dancers, artists, students, teachers, choreographers and or enthusiasts of tap dancing. This forum will be a place to discuss and put into action ideas for immersing the art form into the public’s consciousness, maintaining and educating the public about tap’s history and roots while pushing and forging the art form forward within the context of the 21st century. Weekly debates will be framed by professional tap dancers, teachers. choreographers, musicians, interdisciplinary artists, producers, parents of aspiring tap dancers, and any other person that has a meaningful addition to the conversation. This community dialogue coupled with weekly education outreach will result in a MISSION that every person who is a part of Operation: Tap actively tries to facilitate within their own personal community. Missions may take five minutes to complete, they may also take five years to complete. All are welcome regardless of skill or experience. All ideas, thoughts, and questions are to be entertained with an open mind. Civility in disagreement are the only strict requirements to participate. Disagreement and dissent are expected and welcome to spawn conversation and debate, however it is expected that all will act with respect and compassion towards differing points of view. Operation: Tap represents an inclusion of ideas. The hope is that there are power in numbers and that through the understanding/creating of a standard and the harnessing of ideas, we as a group of artists can achieve goals larger than any one person.